Working with Kids, Teens and Families

From early on in my career, a major professional focus was working with children, teens and families. Though I have expanded in my clinical focus, I do still love working with this population. At this time, I am accepting clients who are older children and teens.

One of the most important tasks of working doing this work is building a connection. Coming to therapy is weird, awkward and can be scary for anyone, especially kids and especially if their parents are making them come! By working to find connection and rapport with kids, we can then begin to do the work that needs to be done, no matter what issues have brought you into therapy.

Including families in the treatment of children and younger teens is very important as kids’ environment plays a major role in their mental health. This might include regular family therapy or just consultations between care givers and myself.

Currently, I am not accepting clients that are in need of play therapy. Though this is something that I’ve offered in the past, my office is not currently set up to do so.

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